“Peter, you have an amazing story to tell and we are so honored that you shared that with us. As my team and I look to the future it is with a renewed zest because of your inspirational messages. Please continue to share your vibrancy, humor, passion and message…the world will be a much better place the more often you speak!”                                          – Charles Stark, CEO of Columbus Hospital

“I can’t remember a time where all eyes and ears have been focused so intently on our guest speaker…”                                                             – D.B., California

“Your presentation was inspiring, funny, informative and had such great food for thought regarding how we can all become ‘Visionary Leaders’!”     R.C., California

“His writing has a storybook style with clarity.”

“His presentations are transformational experiences.”

“A remarkable life story.”

“Peter cares which is why he is so good.”

“Incredible speaker….informed, energetic, motivational, funny, practical…not egotistical at all, and caring!”

“Peter is the most creative and intuitive teacher in tennis.”

“Peter always places a clear conscience ahead of financial gain”

“Many of your words will stay with us for the rest of our lives”

“The chance to study teaching tennis with Peter Burwash is like a chance to study art with Salvador Dali.”

“A compelling speaker!”

“Listening to Peter and reading Peter’s books are transformational experiences.”

“Peter rocked and the participants loved him.”

“The audience was captivated by Peter’s presentation.”


“People were touched by his thoroughness, openness and a great positive attitude.”

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